FASCETS is a non-profit organization that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017.

Our mission is: To increase understanding of people from a neurobehavioral perspective. 

FASCETS is an acronym for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Consultation, Education, and Training Services. The application of the FASCETS Neurobehavioral Model is not limited to alcohol-related symptoms of underlying brain dysfunction, as it is applicable to understanding and developing accommodations for any other brain-based conditions such as autism, ADHD, TBI, and others.

We offer workshops and consultation on the Neurobehavioral Model to parents, caregivers, support workers educators and other professionals, to support the development and implementation of accommodations that recognize who the person is and how their brain functions (or functions differently), and to set the conditions for success. We also develop and sell materials about FASD and the Neurobehavioral Model (see Resources).

What is the Neurobehavioral Model?

What is the central value of the Neurobehavioral Model?  It is the emotional shift made possible by understanding differently, notably from anger to compassion, from which all else follows. The fundamental emotional relationship to the person changes, which is the basis for hope, healing and health.

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Quotes from previous workshop participants

“Wow… How many people you are reaching and educating about FASD. Really
changed my point of view about this disorder as a brain disability. I noticed a
development of compassion and a true paradigm shift in the audience.”
– Professional, Native-American organization

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In order to change the way we support individuals with FASD and other brain-based disabilities, we first need to change the way our society considers behaviors, and more importantly, the way we generally react to and address behaviors.

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Our Team

The Neurobehavioral Model was developed over 25 years ago by Diane Malbin. The nonprofit, FASCETS, was established to continue to provide information and training on the Neurobehavioral Model, which has now touched the lives of thousands worldwide.    

The work of our organization is now facilitated by a team of individuals, trained by Diane. They are carrying on her work of disseminating the brain-based approach, training new facilitators, and developing new material.

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