Quotes from previous workshop participants

“I cannot say enough good things about this workshop - it is absolutely the best workshop that I have attended in 25 years….and I have attended a lot, on a lot of different aspects of psychology!” – Ph.D. psychologist

“I really enjoyed the diversity of the group. We have so much to learn from one another. Deepening my knowledge about FASD and all that we can do has been wonderful. I leave feeling hopeful and emboldened.” - Parent / LCSW

“I have attended numerous seminars this year on FAS. I leave today feeling more equipped to do my job today than at any other conference.” -- Professional, residential treatment center

“The three of us who have been trained still talk about the impact made upon us….we thank you on a daily basis for providing us with clearer lenses through which to see our students and families.” – Teacher

“Ta-da! There are ways to help someone once you realize they are looking at the world differently than yourself – and it is their ‘normal.’ By far the best information/ training I have received in years. And I didn’t nod off once! And I am not a morning person.” -- Lawyer

“The most useful and thought provoking seminar I have attended.” -- Parent​

“It was a fantastic training! I appreciate all of the useful and enlightening information that I received at the training.” -- Juvenile Probation Officer

“I’ve had so many questions answered that I didn’t even know that I had. All the pieces of the puzzle now fit: My clients now need different help, and I am now informed on how to educate others and provide the appropriate accommodations. This has given me hope. Thank you” – Living skills and employment coordinator

“All about making a better world for our kids and adults. Fabulous!” – Professional, behavioral healthcare organization

“My only suggestion would be to provide this training more often and in every kind of community.” – Parent educator

“Comprehensive, informational, exciting, constructive. This may have been the most helpful workshop ever!” – Family support worker, child development center

“Incredibly informative and eye-opening. Thank you!” – Professional, independent living organization

“It was extremely informative, and professionally shifting of my understanding of behaviors and their source. Now I’m better able to intervene with more appropriate and helpful strategies as well as with more compassion.” -- Professional

“This workshop profoundly changed my life; which in turn will change my daughters’ lives. I am walking away with a whole new lookout on my children, my parenting, their education, our home life, and our home environment. I have NEVER wanted a workshop to not end.” – Parent