Learning to make accommodations

"But when our son could not understand anything we said to him, and he obviously was struggling to make heads or tails of life and behavior, we went seeking answers. A private meeting with Diane Malbin revealed answers that we so needed. Which led to us attending a conference. The maxim “Try different rather than harder” became our anthem. I make accommodations for my son in every aspect of his life. Part of that meant not having him attend school, which was so outside the box, but it was the best thing for him, he could be calm, relaxed and find a routine and rhythm to his life. We learned to use fewer words and to be direct and literal in what was said. We are purposeful in all that we say and do.

He has grown wings and wants to fly (not literally), I am still not sure he is ready but at least he is gaining confidence. He is an adult now and we will start finding situations where he can have consistent structure, and I know he will succeed in those situations. All his success credit is due to the invaluable teachings of Diane Malbin, we can never thank her enough. Her work has changed all our lives for the better."

- Beth Keyser, Adoptive Parent​