My mental angst about if I’m being indulgent is gone

She had been having a really difficult day. I was able to see she knew her body couldn't take the sensory overload of a cold ice cream shock. Rather than fighting her on being picky about what treat she ate, I was relieved that she knew her body's needs. (Thanks to new knowledge from the workshop!) She asked for the cocoa in a bottle. She's four years old, but I knew the sucking would be soothing. Then she asked me to hold her. That was my final reassurance that this was about meeting her totally legitimate needs. I rubbed her back with deep pressure while she drank it. And she's soothed. I'm so delighted she knew what her body needed, she asked me for what she needed, and I met those needs. Thank you so much for giving me the reassurance to do these things for her. It's so healing for all of us. My mental angst about if I'm being indulgent is gone. I really can't thank you enough for your perceptive and compassionate training.

Stefanie, parent and workshop participant