Sandra’s Story

After the first two hours, she sat in the classroom with her mouth wide open saying, “This is what I have needed to know ALL these years. I feel like a window just opened.”  With each week, Sandra became more and more excited. She did her “homework” with great enthusiasm and shared with her husband and son all that she was learning. 

About half way through the course, she asked for help to solve a problem. She said that she and her son were having conflicts and she couldn’t understand why.  The facilitator of the course suggested that she use the Behavior Observation Log to try to unravel what the root of this conflict might be. 

She came back the following week with a huge smile on her face and said, “We figured it out.  Every time we had a conflict this week, we sat down and went through the observation log and it was my son who said, ‘Hey Mom, I know what the problem is. We always have conflicts in the local big box store.  I hate this store, there is so much going on in there, I just can’t take in one more thing.’” 

When they figured that out, they realized they don’t need to shop there anymore. There are many smaller stores in their area that are not so over-stimulating.  End of conflicts. 

The last day of class, Sandra shared that this course changed her family’s life.  She had always lived with so much frustration, in spite of going to the best autism specialists in Texas, London, and South Africa (all the places they have lived), and it wasn’t until she took the Into Action course this fall that she understood what slow processing really means, among many other behaviors viewed from a brain-based perspective. She said that peace had come to her home and she was actually enjoying her husband and son.  She told us that her husband and son had told her that this class had changed her and that she was a different wife and mother, someone who they also felt loved and supported by now.