Client realizes she has lived with FASD her whole life

"I could have never imagined this would happen. She has been raising a child with FASD as well that she adopted and immediately understood the behaviors more compassionately. It has been a big shift for their whole family to understand the way their brain and behaviors are linked, and it has surprisingly been more of a relief for the parent, than a sorrow. I would have imagined that she would be devastated to discover this about herself, but she is very passionately interested in learning all she can on the subject of FASD.

Also, the Part II of the article by Malbin, Boulding and Brooks titled "Trying Differently:  Rethinking Juvenile Justice Using a Neuro-Behavioral Model" is very helpful in categorizing the different areas of behavioral dysfunction. I went over this article with the family and the mother was able to see how these categories applied to not only her child, but also herself. The timing of this course could not have been better! These materials really helped her to feel "normal" for the first time in her life. She told me she had always wondered if there was something wrong. Both client and her mother are seeking further official "diagnosis" of their potential FASD." - Sarah Probst, LPC