Rosibel’s Story

Rosibel is a 55-year-old [professional in special education who lives in Costa Rica.  She and her husband have been married for 35 years, although their marriage has always been a struggle.  When Rosibel first heard about the NB model, she and her husband were separated, their grown daughters had broken the relationship with their father and Rosibel was in counseling looking for answers to her husband’s behavior.

The counselor referred her to an introductory FASD training in June 2013.  During the training, Rosibel began to understand for the first time that it was very possible her husband has an FASD.   This understanding started a ripple of events.  Rosibel then attended a three-day course on FASD in November/December of 2013. She furthered her understanding that many of the behaviors that had always been interpreted as irresponsible, lazy, stubborn, manipulative, etc., were really primary and secondary characteristics, reflecting brain dysfunction and chronic stress and frustration. 

Rosibel began to use this knowledge, not only in her home, but in the school where she worked, as she saw the children’s behaviors from a different perspective as well.  Both from the course and from participating in a monthly support group for families that was started after this training at the end of 2013, Rosibel learned how to apply the neurobehavioral model in her home with her husband.

She began to teach her daughters all that she was learning.  By September of 2014, this family’s situation had improved so much that Rosibel and her husband had a special ceremony to renew their marriage vows.

Their youngest daughter came to a three-day training in October/November of 2014. After the first day, she went home and threw her arms around her father, with tears streaming down her cheeks, and asked for his forgiveness for judging him all these years, wanting to love him and support him better.  

Rosibel now comes to many of the trainings facilitated by one of the program directors of FASCETS, Inc. in Costa Rica to give her testimony, sharing how understanding behaviors from a brain-based perspective and applying the NB model has totally transformed her family’s life.  She and her family are now educating people in all environments where her husband has contact (extended family, faith community, neighbors, etc.). Below is a picture of this family renewed, transformed, actually enjoying each other and embracing the brain differences.  Was it easy? No, but now there is a totally different dynamic.

On a side note, Rosibel is a participant of the first TOT (FASCETS Training of Trainers) group in Costa Rica this year.