Trying Differently Rather Than Harder Softcover

Trying Differently Rather than harder


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What if behaviors were symptoms of how a person’s brain functions? When we experience confusing or challenging behaviors, we should ask,

“What does the brain have to do with what I’m seeing?”

We invite you on a journey of curiosity about behaviors, what they communicate, and how the brain impacts them. Trying differently rather than harder allows us to put in place accommodations when an area of challenge is identified, as we would for any other physical difference. We shift from trying harder to change behavioral symptoms to improving outcomes by providing accommodations.

The goal is the same, the approach is very different.

The FASCETS Neurobehavioral Approach described in this book is beneficial when a person has a brain-based difference (BBD) such as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, ADHD, autism, dementia, acquired brain injury or even if no clear diagnosis has been established. It translates research on the brain into practice and acknowledges that individuals with BBDs can thrive as we understand and embrace who they are and adjust environments and our expectations so we can all flourish.

By trying differently rather than harder, we find greater peace and joy and help create a world that celebrates neurodiversity.

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